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What We’re Really Afraid Of

So, why haven’t you pursued that project yet? At the back of your mind, you knew you wanted to Write that blog post or article Submit a presentation abstract for a SQL Server event Volunteer to design and implement a SQL Server Availability Group solution for a customer Start that business you’ve been thinking about […]

Have You Invested In This?

[callout]I‘m postponing part 2 of the blog series Troubleshooting Availability of SQL Server Workloads Running on Windows Server Failover Cluster to give way to a special announcement.[/callout] A week before I officially launched my online course How to Build a Personal Lab for Deploying SQL Server on Windows Server Failover Clusters, I asked this question on Twitter. […]

Creativity Thru Scarcity: Behind the Scenes of Creating My Online Course

In a previous blog post, I wrote about the back story behind the best-selling solo album in jazz history and the all-time best-selling piano album – The Köln Concert. As we all face a form of scarcity in one way or another, we need to be creative in finding ways to leverage our lack and achieve our […]

The “Real” Secret of Successful SQL Server DBAs

[callout]Replace SQL Server DBA with your career or role and the lesson will apply regardless.[/callout] We’ve all followed successful people – rockstars, entrepreneurs, public figures, Hollywood actors, even geeks like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. I’m sure you’re like me, intrigued as to what made them really successful so you can emulate what they did. […]

SQL Server Professionals Shouldn’t Hate The Word “SALES”

[callout]Don’t ignore this blog post until you’ve read it completely. It can revolutionize your career. And, when you’re done, tell me what you think about it in the Comments section[/callout] There’s a reason why you’re a SQL Server professional – you love working with data. You signed up for a job that looks at SQL […]