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The Myth of Working Longer Hours & Productivity

We’ve all been told that highly productive people get more things done. And if you’ve got a massive pile of work that needs to get done, you instantly feel like you need to work longer hours.   You work insane amount of hours that gets you constantly tired and frustrated. Because you think you can […]

What The Dollar Bill Trick Can Teach Us About Leadership

When I was a kid, I’ve learned a very neat trick about making paper money smile or frown. The trick was very simple that I picked it up real quick and showed it to a few of my friends. I did use the Philippine Peso to try it out instead of a US dollar bill. If […]

The Smart Way to Deal with the Inevitable : Part 1

Being on the other side of the world and a few hours ahead of North America has given me enough time to observe what’s going on around the world with the COVID-19 outbreak and how people are reacting. I’ve had the opportunity to catch up with acquaintances over social media and their stories have given […]

5 Shifts to Becoming a Rockstar Data Professional

[callout]Do you struggle with stress and burnout due to working long hours and weekends handling oncall duties? Is work slowly taking over your personal life? Do you feel stuck in your job thinking that you can achieve more than just handling tickets and responding to incidents? Do you secretly wish that you could get fulfillment […]