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How To Properly Respond To An Unexpected Disaster

I turned my phone on as my flight landed at the Tokyo-Narita airport for a quick layover. That’s when I saw all of the Facebook messages that my kids sent me. My wife was rushed to the hospital just a few hours before due to a mild stroke. Before I even called my kids, I immediately […]

Why Your Data Will Not Tell You Everything

Ever since I started wearing a Fitbit Surge, my morning routine now includes checking how many hours I slept the night before and whether or not I have met my daily exercise goals. In the past, my peers laughed at me when I tell them that I need an average of 7.5 hours of sleep (the technology industry is […]

The Unplayable Piano

[callout]I’m a bit biased for using this example simply because I’m a piano player myself. But it does prove the point[/callout] A story was told about then Germany’s youngest concert promoter who was organizing a jazz piano concert. After all the promotions and logistics have been considered, the day of the concert came. The featured artist […]

Why You Should Get Involved In A (Technical) Community

community I’m a big advocate of technical communities – volunteering and speaking at conferences and events worldwide. Having no formal education in computer-related studies, I literally didn’t have a lot of opportunities for finding a job. And when you live in a third-world country where there is very limited opportunity and the chances for finding […]