5 Shifts to Becoming a Rockstar Data Professional

Without the Stress and Burnout Caused by Being in IT

I had the amazing opportunity to do a presentation for the PASS DBA Fundamentals Virtual Chapter last week. In the past, I usually talked about SQL Server, specifically around high availability and disaster recovery. Besides, that’s my key area of expertise and I want the community to learn a lot from my experiences. In fact, […]

The R.E.S.T. for SUCCESS

4 Things To Propel You Towards Success Part 4

TRUST   There’s a reason you’re at your job today. It’s the same reason why you were able to swipe your credit card to purchase something from the store the other day. Or why you can drive a car. That’s because somebody trusted you with something. Your current employer trusted you to do your job well. […]

True Independence

Courtesy of Wikipedia Today, the Philippines is celebrating its 120th national independence day. Filipinos worldwide are commemorating the day when our forefathers have fought and declared freedom from colonial rule. But what does this really mean to us in this generation? While we no longer have to worry so much about fighting for our national […]

The R.E.S.T. for SUCCESS

4 Things To Propel You Towards Success Part 2

EMPATHY   From its simplest definition, empathy is the awareness of the feelings and emotions of other people. While it feels really good when friends and family understand what we are going thru, this is very rare in our line of work. When the DBAs (Default Blame Acceptor) get blamed when an application runs really slow, […]