5 Shifts to Becoming a Rockstar Data Professional

Without the Stress and Burnout Caused by Being in IT

Do you struggle with stress and burnout due to working long hours and weekends handling oncall duties? Is work slowly taking over your personal life? Do you feel stuck in your job thinking that you can achieve more than just handling tickets and responding to incidents? Do you secretly wish that you could get fulfillment and satisfaction from the work that you do beyond just managing and analyzing data?

I had the amazing opportunity to do a presentation for the PASS DBA Fundamentals Virtual Chapter last week. In the past, I usually talked about SQL Server, specifically around high availability and disaster recovery. Besides, that’s my key area of expertise and I want the community to learn a lot from my experiences. In fact, I also try my best to do presentations for the PASS HA/DR Virtual Chapter.

However, the one thing that I’ve been doing ever since I got involved in the SQL Server community is focus on professional development. I’m a big believer in developing soft skills alongside the technical skills. Almost all of my presentations at the PASS Summit are about professional development.

So, when the chapter leaders of the DBA Fundamentals VC asked me to do a session, I suggested doing a professional development topic instead of the usual technical topics. This year alone, I’ve had the opportunity to talk to almost a hundred database administrators, system engineers, even developers thru my consulting projects, training classes and presentations at events and conferences. I found a common thread in my conversations: IT professionals are suffering. Despite being in an industry known for technological advancements and high-paying jobs, a lot of us are suffering. We’re feeling stuck in a job that we’re starting to (or maybe already) hate, a schedule that causes us to miss special family events, overworked, over-stressed, unhealthy, etc.

If this sounds like you, then, watch the video recording of my presentation.

However, be warned…

Because when you hear these five (5) shifts, you might just get a little upset with yourself.

Especially since these will be so obvious once you hear them.

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