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That Intimidating Sound

Listen to the following audio clips and tell me the first thing that comes to mind (post it in the Comments section) Audio clip #1 (courtesy of Mike Koenig)   Audio clip #2   Audio clip #3 (courtesy of Mike Koenig)   Audio clip #4 (courtesy of Grant Evans)   There’s something about sounds that trigger emotions […]

The 7Ps of Success That No One Likes To Talk About

The day was about to end. My right leg was shaking as I wrapped up the training class that I was teaching. I was trying hard to avoid looking at my leg. I’ve been feeling the throbbing pain for the past three days and my leg has swollen to a point where I don’t even […]

Correlation Between Ritual and Result

We listen to an amazing piece played on the piano. We watch pro athletes score a touchdown or a hoop. We read a beautiful piece of literature or look at an art on display. We are captivated, mesmerized. Like I did, I’m sure you’ve asked this question one way or another: how did they do […]

The Paradox of a Great Idea

“That’s a great idea.” “That’s an amazing idea.” “That’s a wonderful idea.” You can think of a dozen variation of these statements. You’ve heard them before. You may have even said them yourself. I grew up thinking that we need to have a ton of ideas. It’s the main reason I read a lot, listen […]

Last call for registration

I teach about failover clustering for SQL Server – whether it’s Failover Clustered Instances or Availability Groups. Failover clustering does not have to be confusing nor complicated. It just has to work. And when things we are responsible for don’t work, we get the blame. There’s a reason behind the running joke about the Default […]