When validating change is important

Part of IT Information Library’s change management process is to validate whatever change was made to the IT infrastructure so that if there are some unnecessary incidents that happened because of the change, it can be reverted back. We often follow stringent procedures when it comes to processes without realizing its impact in our day-to-day life. Take for instance when we deal with people. We expect people to change for good and that is, of course, essential. We tell them what needs to be changed and we expect them to do it. But when they do, we don’t even notice, much more validate the change. The person who did everything at his disposal to improve will end up to be disappointed knowing that it seems unnecessary to change. This goes back to the concept of “seagull management” where we only see the bad things in people and not the good ones. Even changes in people need to be validated so that they would be able to benchmark whether to improve further or maintain the status quo. So the next time you see your staff, children or even friends make changes for their improvement, make sure you validate them so that they’ll keep improving. It won’t hurt telling them they have submitted their requirements way ahead of schedule and that you are happy with what they did.

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