The Power of Small Beginnings

I was reading an article on the Waltons of America –one of the wealthiest people in the world. They are the family members of the late Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart chain of stores that made it big in the retail industry. In one of my graduate programs, we were asked to read more on the company and make some analysis on their operations. But more than that, I was intrigued by what made such a company big and who was the one who made it that way. Sam Walton,happened to be born on a farm, worked extra hard just to make his way to the university and set out to do his own business after being employed for another retail company. So much for somebody who ended up being one of the world’s wealthiest men. But what’s notable is the fact that he was nobody before he became somebody.Everyday we are faced with challenges, sometimes bigger than us. We succumb to the pressures of life’s challenges, often times giving up and losing hope. What we don’t realize is that the challenges we face today – and how we deal with them – will be the foundation of who we will become tomorrow. Consider King David, the youngest among Jesse’s sons who was even neglected by his father. He could have told himself, “I didn’t plan to take care of the sheep after finishing high school” or probably “I don’t have a future being a shepherd.” But no, he considered his situation as a preparation for something really big.He was expectant, ambitious maybe. But I know one thing for sure. He used his situation to prepare. He may have no idea about it but we do. He’s gonna be Israel’s next king. But a king must be a warrior, not a shepherd. I cannot imagine what was going through David’s mind as he watched over his father’s sheep.Facing a lion or maybe a bear just to protect the herd, he struggled. And he prepared.I couldn’t help but reminisce the humbling times I went through myself. I started out as a technician fixing computers. That was more than a decade ago. My parents didn’t like the idea of me doing a blue-collar job, the fact that I was still studying back then.But for me, it’s a learning experience. I made money out of being one. And I never regretted it. Who would ever imagine that somebody like me who had humble beginnings would end up speaking in front of an international audience? Now, everybody thinks I made it big. I see it differently. Because whatever and wherever I am right now were the results of my small beginnings.Are you on a tight situation? You might not be watching sheep but you may be sweeping floors. Or probably you don’t see yourself in your current situation. Think again. Could it be that God wants you to be there for you to prepare yourself for something big? Or probably just to make you realize that where you are in right now is a launch pad to where God wants you to be. Take time to pause and ask yourself. An oak tree started from a small acorn.There’s power in small beginnings.

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