The Irony of Learning – And On Learning More

“The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.” – Albert Einstein

The side effect of learning something new is that you feel like you were smarter today than you were yesterday. OK, wait, let me take that back. The irony of learning something new is that you feel like there’s a lot more that you don’t know.

It’s easy to think that we already know what we need to know. It’s rather easier to act that we know more than we do. But, then, at some point, curiosity kicks in. We tinker. We tweak. We find different ways to do something that we already know. We ask questions. We experiment. In the process, we learn more and we realize how much we don’t know.  That’s when knowledge becomes insight and how amateurs become experts. The next thing you know, you’re already applying what you’ve learned and incorporating it in your day-to-day task. It’s like adding a new tool in your toolbox. Then, it becomes the new normal.  And the whole cycle repeats itself.

Don’t fret. Rest assured that the investments you make for yourself remain in you. Embrace the fact that you’ll feel like you don’t know much. But that’s what paves the way for new discoveries. And, if you do find new discoveries, I’d be happy to hear your stories.

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