So you can’t configure clustering in a Windows Server 2003?

You might encounter this error when adding a node in a Windows Server 2003 Cluster

Status: 0x800713de The quorum disk could not be located by the cluster service.

This occurs even if you have created shared disks on a node you wanted to add in a cluster but created it on the same SCSI bus as the disk that holds the operating system. Windows does not allow you to do that since if you are going to failover to the other node, the shared disk should be flexible enough to move. This is a common mistake when trying to create a cluster in a virtualized environment, assigning shared disks on the same SCSI bus as that of the disk that holds the operating system. Check out this blog entry on creating clustered VMs in VMWare Workstation 6. It doesn’t matter whether you are using VMWare, Microsoft Virtual Server or Hyper-V; if you don’t take note of this, you’ll end up spending a lot of time troubleshooting a very simple configuration issue

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