Include staff development in your business model

I’m a bit biased when it comes to staff development and training. I’ll admit – I’m a trainer. But somehow, your staff development has a direct impact to your organization’s success. I was on a conference call assisting a staff on installing and configuring a new technology that they need to deliver to their customers. The first thing I usually recommend is to go for a formal training. What’s “not” surprising is that the most common response is “we don’t have a budget for training.” The irony behind it is that one generates a revenue when delivering any type of service. Organizations expect to get something without giving something as an investment. What’s worse is that I’ve seen organizations where their business model doesn’t include staff development at all. Most consulting and services delivery companies where they bill their clients by man-hours want to make sure that the majority of the time they bill should be charged to the clients. Where does staff development and training come into the picture?

We spend money on our stock portfolios and financial investments, thinking that they will have a good return in the future, depending on the market movements. We invest in making a good impression and creating a brand image. What could be more important than the very people who help the organization generate the revenue and profits that all balance sheets reflect?

As Zane Zafrit, CEO of Conference Calls Unlimited, said, “It’s clear that people really do make a difference in the success of (an organization)

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