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>Microsoft Source Code Analyzer for SQL Injection

>With the recent mass SQL injection attacks, Microsoft has developed a new static code analysis tool for finding SQL Injection vulnerabilities in ASP code. Web developers can run the tool on their ASP source code to identify the root cause of the attack and address them to reduce their exposure to future attacks. You can […]

>TSQL Debugger is now on SQL Server 2008 RC0

>I have long waited for this feature as I got used to Visual Studio’s debugging feature where you can simply put a breakpoint beside a code line and hit the debug button. SQL Server Management Studio now has a Debug button together with the Execute button (except that in Visual Studio, your F5 key would […]

>SQL Server 2008 Videos from

>I was informed by the owner of the site that my videos have just went live. I’ve spent quite a number of days working on the videos to make sure that subscribers will get as much as they can in their pursuit of learning about SQL Server 2008. I would appreciate your feedback on what […]

>Exploring Database Backup Compression in SQL Server 2008

>Database backup size is always an issue in very large databases. Which is why we plan our backup and restore procedures properly to include either differential and filegroup backups. Most of the times, we use backup compression tools like LiteSpeed for SQL Server from Quest or SQL Backup from RedGate. SQL Server 2008 has a […]

>So, you think your secured, patched and updated servers are secure?

>So, we patch our servers, subject them to numerous security scans, implement security best practices and expect them to be secured? That’s ridiculous. I have been trying to convince developers how a functional application can be vulnerable if they do not implement security best practices in writing codes. I come from a developer background as […]