Video: SQL Server 2012/2014 Reporting Services in SharePoint-Integrated Mode

In a previous blog post, I covered how you can provide high availability for SQL Server Reporting Services workloads. One of those options is thru SharePoint’s scale-out implementation. While this topic is primarily for integrating SQL Server Reporting Services with SharePoint 2013, it helps us SQL Server professionals understand the difference in the architecture between native […]

Delayed Durability in SQL Server 2014 and How You Can Take Advantage of It

There have been a lot of blog posts and articles written about the Delayed Durability feature in SQL Server 2014. Here are a couple of them to get you started. Delayed Durability in SQL Server 2014 by SQL Server MVP/Regional Director and SQLSkills CEO Paul Randal (blog | Twitter) Delayed Durability in SQL Server 2014 by […]

Why Regular Shrinking is NOT the Right Way to Reclaim Database Space in SharePoint

I recently got a question about how to reclaim database space in SharePoint. The specific database mentioned was WSS_Logging although this could have been any of the SharePoint databases or any other SQL Server database for that matter. The database was growing really fast so the farm was configured to only keep a week’s worth […]

So, You Think Your SQL Server Always On Availability Group Is Really Highly Available?

This is a question that I regularly ask those attending my high availability and disaster recovery presentations: is your SQL Server Always On Availability Group really highly available? Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the Always On Availability Groups feature in SQL Server (except for the price tag of an Enterprise Edition license.) But there’s […]

Knowing and Understanding Your Disaster Recovery Strategy

This last weekend, I had the opportunity to speak at SharePoint Saturday Montreal – being one of the few English speakers for the event – on the topic of SQL Server high availability and disaster recovery options for SharePoint. After my presentation, one of my SharePoint MVP friends approached me about a database corruption issue that happened on […]