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Leadership Starts At Home

I’m seeing myself responding to blog posts more often that I get to create content in the process. This time, it was a guest post on Michael Hyatt’s blog on leadership from Kelly Combs (blog | Twitter). I’ve been wanting to write a post on leadership at home but this one is spot on because […]

Work-Life Balance For The Technology Professional

This ended up as a response to Brad McGehee’s (blog | Twitter) Editorial post on about DBA and the Career-Life Balance. It turned out to be a long response so I’ve decided to make it a blog post. It all boils down to priorities and developing your daily disciplines. I blogged about investing in […]

Before and After: A Way To Measure Your Growth

I’m a big fan of personal development and growth. Which is why I am dedicated to lifelong learning and continuous growth and help individuals and organizations do the same thing. But in order to validate growth, we need to measure our progress. William Thomson, more commonly known as Lord Kelvin, was famous not only for […]

How Do You Pick Your Leaders?

As your organization grows, you need more competent people placed in the right positions. This applies to both rank-and-file staff and managers. Nowadays, most organizations outsource their staff selection to recruitment and staffing firms. They provide a list of required skills and the recruitment firms run with it, using tools like software resume parser to […]

Are you investing in your personal growth?

WARNING: This is not a blog post about financial management: I try to stay away from anything like that as most people think that I have ridiculous financial management skills (or maybe I should save that for a future blog post, if you insist.) I love reading. I spend a lot of time on printed […]