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You Are A Story Waiting To Be Told

Gen. Colin Powell, the first African American to serve as the US Secretary of State, once told of a story about the immigrant vendor selling hotdogs in the streets of New York. Being a New Yorker and an immigrant himself, he understood the challenges of being an immigrant, much so as an African American. Every […]

Searching For A Deeper Purpose In Your Work

Image courtesy of [callout]A story was told about three bricklayers working side by side. When asked, ‘What are you doing?’, the first bricklayer replied: ‘I’m laying bricks.’ The second bricklayer was asked. He answered, ‘Feeding my family.’ The third bricklayer when asked the question, ‘What are you doing?’, responded, ‘I’m building a cathedral.’[/callout] These past few months I have been tied […]

Be Remarkable And Turn Your Customers To Marketers

We were at The Works with the kids for some burgers last weekend. If you know me, I’m not a big fan of burgers especially that my wife is awesome at cooking (I may end up managing a restaurant if I quit being a tech geek one day.) When you’re in a restaurant, you’re the […]

The Customer is King vs Doing the Right Thing

Most of the service-oriented businesses these days know that the customer is always the king. This means doing everything they can at their disposal to make sure that their customers would be more than satisfied with their goods and services even to the extent of simply yielding to the customers’ irrational requests. Having worked for […]