When Making a Contribution Is Better Than Doing Well

We all love to be noticed, affirmed, adored – name it. Its human nature. But sometimes, what prevents us from really performing at our peak is the fact that we want to do a really great job. You want to be the best secretary, the best office administrator, the best computer programmer and we want people to see it. Now there is really nothing wrong with that. But what if we, even for a minute, shifted our focus from doing really great at work to making a difference. Wouldn’t that change our perspective? Imagine this, instead of being the best office clerk, what about focusing to make a difference in your organization because what you’re doing will help someone else make their jobs a lot easier. Or maybe this, instead of being the best database engineer for a healthcare company, think about how your job helps decision makes recommend the best alternative for keeping healthcare costs down for a lot of people. It’s not just being the best at what you can do that makes you become exceptional but finding meaning and purpose in what you do every single day.

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