>Importing Word and Excel as InfoPath 2007 Forms

>If you have been working with business forms, you probably have created a few in either Microsoft Word or Excel. One thing to make managing business forms a lot easy is to upload them in your Sharepoint portal. This makes it easy to have a standardized form easily available to the rest of the organization. You can also port them over as InfoPath forms. In Sharepoint 2007, you have the option to use Forms Services instead of individual forms. This makes it easy for users to have a unified and standardized format plus the advantage of binding the form to a backend database for data collection. If you have existing Word or Excel forms, you can easily import and convert them in InfoPath. Just run the Import Form Wizard in InfoPath to convert your existing Word and Excel forms to InfoPath forms – no need to re-create those forms. For more information, check out the Introduction to importing and exporting form data and form templates

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