Doing the unconventional

I have missed a couple of weeks of not posting anything to my non-technical blog because of my intense preparation for TechEd Asia 2008. As a regular conference and event speaker, these are the major events that I sort of anticipate throughout the year. But this year was different. I ended up focusing more on the delivery of my sessions than just simply the content. I have been working on the content almost everyday since it is a part of my daily routines. I normally choose to speak on topics that I am very familiar with so I can spice up the delivery by telling my own stories. I’ve decided to do the unconventional this time – restructure my slides that would be totally different from what the average speaker does. I’ve replaced text with pictures which required a lot of creativity since these are technical in nature. I’ve written story lines and scripts to drive the delivery of the session, making it more like a story than a technical session. That turned out to be rewarding. The people liked my sessions and provided very good evaluation scores (although not as good as those who really are expert speakers). I guess the investments paid off. And, so I’ve decided to change the way I’ll do presentations, learning from people like Steve Jobs and applying tips from Carmine Gallo. Who knows, I might end up being one of them

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