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Did I Screw Up?

“Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out.” Benjamin Franklin Did I… send my boss on a different flight destination? miscalculate the quarterly budget? lag on my New year`s resolutions? miss a project deadline? fail my final exam? skip on my fitness program? burn the toast? let my kids down? Don’t […]

Leadership Starts At Home

I’m seeing myself responding to blog posts more often that I get to create content in the process. This time, it was a guest post on Michael Hyatt’s blog on leadership from Kelly Combs (blog | Twitter). I’ve been wanting to write a post on leadership at home but this one is spot on because […]

Work-Life Balance For The Technology Professional

This ended up as a response to Brad McGehee’s (blog | Twitter) Editorial post on about DBA and the Career-Life Balance. It turned out to be a long response so I’ve decided to make it a blog post. It all boils down to priorities and developing your daily disciplines. I blogged about investing in […]

Follow Your Passions

There’s a reason I use bassplayerdoc for my blog. Having been a regular in Microsoft and other technical forums and newsgroups since 1999, I used bass_player as my nickname. That’s because I was a bass player back then – playing for the church band every Sunday and getting invited to play in performances every once […]

Before and After: A Way To Measure Your Growth

I’m a big fan of personal development and growth. Which is why I am dedicated to lifelong learning and continuous growth and help individuals and organizations do the same thing. But in order to validate growth, we need to measure our progress. William Thomson, more commonly known as Lord Kelvin, was famous not only for […]