3 Ways To Master A New SQL Server Feature


Last week, announcements were made about when SQL Server 2016 will be released for general availability or what is commonly referred to as GA. With new releases come new features. And with the increased frequency of version releases, it’s hard to catch up with all the learning. This is one of the reasons why we still […]

3 Types of Microsoft High Availability Technologies

Every now and then I get questions about how to implement load balancing with SQL Server databases. Because organizations want to maximize their IT investments, a standby server is almost always a red flag – it’s an idle asset. Hence, the questions about load balancing workloads on SQL Server databases to maximize the resource utilization on […]

Implementing Instant File Initialization on SQL Server with SMB File Share


We were taught early on that when you heat water to 212 F (100 C,) it starts to boil. Oh, those memorable science experiments we did in high school. We put a thermometer in a water-filled flask and light up a burner to heat the water in the flask. We watch as the thermometer records the temperature […]