Windows 7 on VMWare Workstation 6.5

I was at the Microsoft Canada Energize IT Windows 7 Installfest event in Ottawa and volunteered to assist with the attendees while they were doing the installation. While the supported installation options during the event were clean install, upgrade, dual boot or virtualization using Hyper-V, Virtual PC or Virtual Server, a few of those who came were asking if they can install it on VMWare. Now, I have been working with VMWare for years now and my take on this is if its a Microsoft operating system and it runs on the Microsoft Virtualization products, it will definitely run on VMWare. I was making suggestions about how to go about it and the caveats when working with VMWare, I have never seen Windows 7 yet. So what I did was to fire up my VMWare Workstation and started installing Windows 7, just so I can answer the questions knowing I had he experience of doing it rather than just saying “I know it will work.” I used the ISO image provided by Microsoft and the installation went really fast. If you’ve installed Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 before, the process is pretty similar. I guess I’m on my way to playing with the Windows 7 image just to get the hang of it. And one thing is for sure, it will work on VMWare – even with 512MB of RAM.

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