The best way to admit that you are wrong

Let’s admit it, we are humans and we make mistakes. But it really is very difficult to admit that we make them. I don’t know why but that’s human nature. In today’s corporate environment, its but natural for just about any leader or manager to hide the fact that they make mistakes. But the truth about admitting mistakes is highlighted in Anne Adrian’s blog on why it is important for leaders (and just about anybody, for that matter) to admit that they are wrong. Leaders, and people in general, who admit their mistakes

The most liberating thing to do when anybody made a mistake is to speak or write the three most powerful words of the instance: I WAS WRONG. The message conveyed in this statement is so powerful that it changes both the one who says it and the one who listens to it. And, by the way, I just did that today

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2 thoughts on “The best way to admit that you are wrong

  1. Thanks for the link. I think that admitting mistakes is definitely hard to do. It seems, for me at least, the closer the relationship I have, the harder it is to admit the wrong because I think the person probably already knows. I also believe the more public the admission, the harder it is to admit. There are people who criticized Quentin Groves for his mistake and for his admission. He certainly learned about fickle fans.Though, if we always try to do the things Auburn Jr. High (Alabama, USA)< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Rusty Wright<> says:*Do what is right.*Do your best.*Treat all with respect.then the admission becomes much easier. I also think that admission is a great way to start real conversations—but that will be another blog post. I have recently admitted a misjudgment call at work. It seems that the admission has opened some understanding about system-wide implementation that has not always been appreciated. Many good things can happen with admissions.Best to you,Anne

  2. Thanks for your comments, Anne. I have learned a lot from your blog posts as well. Actually, the reason I’ve posted that blog entry was because I was having difficulty admitting my mistakes. The best way to do it is to simply tell anybody that you are committed to doing it. And I do agree with you that it is more difficult to admit that you are wrong as the relationship gets closer. But doing so also means that you are humble enough to take responsibilities for your actions and that you are mature enough to realize that we all make mistakes. It’s just a matter of admitting them or not.Thanks for reading my blog, Anne. You are such an inspiration.