>Say hello to VMWare

>What can I say, I had the opportunity to work on VMWare Workstation because of an not-for-resale (NFR) license provided for Microsoft MVPs. Having a Windows XP laptop with very limited RAM is a limitation I have to contend with everytime I do presentations. Imagine running a virtual image hosting a domain controller, DHCP, DNS, IIS, SQL Server 2005 and System Center Configuration Manager 2007 with at least two or three virtual clients. My laptop goes haywire after firing up all of my virtual images. I think I’ll stick to VMWare Workstation while waiting for a more powerful laptop.

One more thing, I managed to configure my virtual network with a server and workstation to access the Internet thru NAT. Since I am not allowed to add workstations on our local network, I cannot use the host machine’s network card to access the Internet. I configured the network card of the VMWare image to use NAT, assigned a static IP which is in the same subnet as the VMWare NAT address on my host and pointed its DNS to the same IP as well. This made my VMWare image access the Internet thru NAT using a static IP. Dynamic IP would be a lot easier as the VMWare DHCP will assign an IP to my image but that was not an option for me since I am working with a server, which needs a static IP. After making sure that my server can access the Internet, I configured routing and remote access on my virtual Windows Server 2003 so I route the traffic from my other subnet to the IP I used to access the NAT. This way, my clients can access the Internet but are only accessible thru my virtual network,meaning even my host machine cannot access my virtual clients. Quite cool, huh.

For my first test, I did my SQL Server 2008 Declarative Management Framework session for the Singapore SQL Server User Group all on VMWare Workstation. And the audience didn’t even notice I was using a non-Microsoft product. I’ll post the details of my session in a separate entry

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