RELOG tool in Windows Server 2008

I was configuring one of our customer’s Windows Server 2008 to capture PerfMon counters for our analysis when I accidentally ended up storing the log file in binary format. Now, I didn’t like the idea of reading the binary file as I will be importing it in a SQL Server database for Reporting Services to use. Although PerfMon has the ability to log directly to a SQL Server database using ODBC, I am not allowed to do anything outside of PerfMon. After digging thru some options in Windows Server 2008, I found out about the RELOG tool. The tool gives you the ability to extract out the counters from any format generated by PerfMon and store them in a different format. In my case, I had to store them as a CSV file


relog PerfMonCounterLog.blg -f csv -o PerfMonCounterLog.csv

I was trying to find more about this tool from Microsoft TechNet but couldn’t find any (or maybe I wasn’t just looking hard enough) although MSDN has something about the method called ReLog which does exactly the same thing. It’s exposed as an API so you can call it from an application should you wish to do so

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