>The Pains of Collation Settings

>Collation settings define the physical storage of character strings in SQL Server. It specifies the bit patterns that represent each character and the rules by which characters are sorted and compared. Collation settings have a direct impact on the databases if you configure them to use a different collation other than the default. When you […]

>Exchange Server 2003 Remote Wipe/MobileAdmin problem

>When you deploy Windows Mobile on an Exchange environment, one of the things that you may want to configure is remote wipe. This will enable administrators to wipe the device over-the-air. This is very helpful in cases where a Windows Mobile device is lost or stolen and you want to simply protect company-related data like […]

Your poor-man’s SQL Server Log Shipping

Transaction Log Shipping is a disaster recovery (sometimes called data recovery) option in SQL Server where you generate transaction log backups in the source database, copy them over to a remote SQL Server instance and restore them in read-only, standby mode. This feature is available in Enterprise Edition for SQL Server 2000 while SQL Server […]