>So you get an Error 0x80244019 in your WSUS client

>If you happen to check your WindowsUpdate.log file and found this error, you might want to check your WSUS’ IIS settings especially if you have your URLScan.ini modified. If you install WSUS after you configured your URLScan.ini, it doesn’t change the settings at all. You need to add the following setting in the URLScan.ini: [Allow […]

>Spot the difference – SQL Server 2008 TSQL enhancements

>If you’ve had your hands on T-SQL for quite some time, it wouldn’t be hard for you to identify the new enhancements available in SQL Server 2008. Now just for fun, try to identify what’s unusual in this script, from a SQL Server 2000/2005 point-of-view: DECLARE @variable int = 1;SET @variable += 1;CREATE TABLE table1 […]