New in 2012 – Videos

Back in 2008, I’ve created a series of videos on SQL Server 2008 administration that were made available on BlogCast Repository website. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had my hands on a video recording software. And since I regularly write articles for, I’ve decided to also translate those articles into video tutorials. Now, you might be thinking, “Why videos when you already have articles?” Most of you know that I’m an educator/teacher/communicator. I try to make learning as simple and engaging as I possibly can, incorporating stuff like graphics and proper use of the color palette. And while there are a ton of written technical articles out there, the use of a visual mode of communication such as video helps reinforce the learning process. I, for one, watch a lot of online videos and recorded webcasts when trying to learn something new for the first time. Aside from the fact that my eyes tend to hurt when I do a lot of reading online and offline, watching videos helps decrease my eyes’ exposure in front of the screen (I can easily turn off my eyes and just listen to the recording.)

That being said, I look forward to creating those video tutorials this 2012.

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