Different Yet United:Leadership Lessons from Service-Oriented Architecture

Two weeks ago, I heard Ray Ozzie, Chief Software Architect of Microsoft Corporation, speak at the MVP Summit on his insights about software as a service. While he was talking about the role of software as a service and the Internet as a hub, I couldn’t help but relate it to our ever-changing global world when it comes to leadership. The global economy has changed the way we do business and lead people which sums up a very important fact: we all are different yet unique and can be united.

Let me explain further. Global corporations are faced with challenges that has something to do with geographical, cultural, and sociological aspects, to name a few. In Singapore alone, you will rarely see an organization with all staff being Singaporeans. This means organizations need to realize and capitalize on each individual’s differences. Breaking down the walls of cultural differences is the key to having a harmonious and healthy work environment in a highly diverse organization. This not only means understanding one another’s differences but identifying the strengths behind those differences which can be key to the success of an organization. As Ray Ozzie pointed out, the Internet is a hub where different software can connect to and, in an orchestrated fashion, provide excellent service to those who may opt to use it. In an organization, the vision is the hub which every individual can be attached to and, with the leader’s ability to orchestrate each individual’s strength and uniqueness in their differences, achieve greater heights by achieving that vision.

The transcript of Ray Ozzie’s keynote session at the MVP Summit is available on this site

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