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The Return of the Living Dead:Job Owners who Keep Coming Back

Have you ever had the feeling that SQL Server was playing a trick on you? I had those moments. I was updating a database maintenance plan and ran the corresponding job associated with it. I got an error saying that the job owner did not have permissions to execute the task. So I did what […]

Trying to attach an MDF file to SQL Server 2005?

While this is not recommended especially when you’re a bit paranoid about disaster recovery and data integrity, I still find a lot of people doing it. I guess a lot of independent software vendors don’t understand the underlying concepts behind the database engine. While it may have worked in SQL Server 2000 using Enterprise Manager, […]

Why Windows Instant File Initialization for SQL Server 2005 (and higher) matters

SQL Server 2005 supports Database Instant File Initialization which skips zeroing out data pages that can reduce the time when performing operations like creating databases, adding files to an existing database, increasing the size of an existing database file manually or thru autogrowth or restoring a database or filegroup. I’ve written an article in […]

>And so I need a GRANT IMPERSONATE permission

>SQL Server 2005 has given us the ability to allow more granular permissions, one of which is the EXECUTE AS clause. This would give the user the ability to impersonate a more privileged user should there be a need to do so. But before a user can do impersonation, it must be given the permission […]