The Truth About SQL Server Backup Verification Using The GUI

Why You Shouldn't Just Rely On The Checkbox That Says So

I recently had a conversation with a SQL Server DBA about making sure that backups do work as expected. And while I try not to use scary tactics to convince people to change their way of thinking, this particular example needed it. I’ve written a blog post about why I don’t trust the “Verify backup […]

Are You Aware Of Who Is Sneaking Behind Your SQL Server Back(ups)?

Pop quiz: You manage a production database and you need a copy of your backups to restore them on a development environment for application testing or performance tuning. You need to do this on a regular basis. Do you Take a backup of the database and restore it on your development environment? Configure replication between your […]

Is a Successful Backup Really a Successful Backup?

There are two common types of backups performed on SQL Server databases. The first is the native backup type that is commonly taken using either the out-of-the-box database maintenance plans or a custom backup script. The second type is that which is taken by third-party backup tools – be it an enterprise-wide backup tool or a SQL […]