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>SQL Server 2008 Videos from

>I was informed by the owner of the site that my videos have just went live. I’ve spent quite a number of days working on the videos to make sure that subscribers will get as much as they can in their pursuit of learning about SQL Server 2008. I would appreciate your feedback on what […]

>Exploring Database Backup Compression in SQL Server 2008

>Database backup size is always an issue in very large databases. Which is why we plan our backup and restore procedures properly to include either differential and filegroup backups. Most of the times, we use backup compression tools like LiteSpeed for SQL Server from Quest or SQL Backup from RedGate. SQL Server 2008 has a […]

>Encrypting your database backups in SQL Server 2008

>I was asked a question about how you make sure that your SQL Server database backups are secured and I ended up saying, “go get a third-party tool like LiteSpeed for SQL Server from Quest Software.” While it is true that third-party tools can provide additional layer of security on your database backups, budget is […]