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Video: TechDays Canada 2011 Recording on Upgrading to SQL Server 2012

I just found out that my TechDays Canada 2011 presentation recording has been published by my friends from the Microsoft Canada DPE team. Here’s a peek at what you need to consider when upgrading to SQL Server 2012. Resources for this recording are available on my Resources page. NOTE: If you’ve seen me deliver a presentation […]

Indulge in free online SQL Server training on March 21, 2012 beginning at 00:00 GMT (that’s a March 20 evening start for the Americas). As this is an online event, act fast and register as soon as you can because seats are limited. Check out the 24 Hours of PASS website for more details. I will be delivering […]

SQL Server 2012 Launch Event: Virtual or Real?

Apparently, it’s real (the event is still virtual, though.) I tried to avoid answering this question from people asking about the release date for SQL Server 2012. That’s because the SQL Server 2012 Virtual Launch Event has been announced way back in January 2012. I was in Redmond, WA when the schedule was publicly announced […]