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Are You (Still) In The Business Of Running Databases?

[callout]This blog post is the second in a series that covers designing and implementing hybrid SQL Server high availability and disaster recovery solutions with Microsoft Azure.[/callout] As I was reading the news this week, it’s hard to ignore the announcement of General Motors laying off hundreds, if not thousands, of employees in their Michigan-based manufacturing plants. This […]

Getting Into The “Dating Phase” with the Cloud

[callout] This blog post is the first in a series that covers designing and implementing hybrid SQL Server high availability and disaster recovery solutions with Microsoft Azure. [/callout] I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of status updates on your social media feeds this past Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re searching for a new partner or in an on-going relationship, I’m […]

Why SQL Server Professionals Need To Learn Cloud Computing

Growing up, my mom required us to help with household chores. And, I’m so glad she did. I remember doing my own laundry when I was 9 years old – with no washing machine nor dryer. Being in a private school didn’t help either – I had to get my school uniform ready before the […]

5 Reasons Why Microsoft Azure Can Be A Cost Effective Data Center Solution For Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Do you still remember the very first time you have had your hands on a mobile phone? I sure do. Because back in those days, you need to sign up with a mobile phone service provider to have a phone and use their service. You choose from the different plans available from the service provider […]

Outsourcing Your SQL Server Data Archival Process

When I first started driving in North America, one of the things that I noticed along the freeway is a self-storage facility. Having not seen one before, I asked my dad what they were for – they are space rented out on a short-term basis where you can keep your personal stuff. If people don’t have enough space […]