Beyond Technical Reasons: Running a Single Instance or a Multi-Instance SQL Server Failover Cluster

When asked about best practices on running multiple SQL Server failover clustered instances (FCI) on a multi-node Windows Server Failover Cluster (WSFC,) a common response from SQL Server experts might include the following: appropriately allocating enough hardware resources on all of the nodes in the WSFC appropriately configuring maximum server memory settings per SQL Server FCI […]

3 Reasons To Join My Online Course Windows Server Failover Clustering for the Smart SQL Server DBA

The Windows Server Failover Clustering for the Smart SQL Server DBA course was created in an attempt to help SQL Server DBAs and server administrators responsible for SQL Server Failover Clustered Instances (FCI) become more confident in what they do. This idea dawned on me as I was talking to customers who are unnecessarily spending money on hardware that […]

Avoid These Failover Clustering Mistakes That Can Cost a SQL Server DBAs Job

I’ll never forget a conversation I had with a customer several years ago. I was asked to join a conference call to discuss a new SharePoint 2013 farm deployment. My involvement was limited to designing and deploying a SQL Server 2012 Availability Group for all of their environments – a different vendor was engaged to […]

How Well Do You Know Your Microsoft High Availability Technologies?

Are you up to the challenge? Do you have what it takes to design a highly available SQL Server system? Feeling helpless and confused when dealing with Windows Server Failover Clustering  (WSFC) for your SQL Server databases? You’re not alone. I’ve heard the same thing from thousands of SQL Server administrators throughout my entire career. […]

The Traffic Light In Your Datacenter

How This One Simple Yet Very Important Concept Helped Me Understand What Windows Server Failover Clustering Is All About

You know how it feels like to stare at this for a very long time (I ended up having to wear eyeglasses because of it.) Better yet, try it. Just for 5 minutes straight without blinking. But staring at a computer monitor for a long time isn’t the real issue. It’s the confusion of trying to […]