Defense In Depth and Why Proactive Security Should Be Included In Every High Availability Strategy

In a previous blog post, I talked about the three key aspects of managing your databases – security, performance and availability. I call it “taking your databases to a S.P.A.” In the blog post, I referred to an infographic that Idera published about their accidental DBA survey results, highlighting how security and availability are not getting […]

SQL Server Encrypted Backups: Transparent Data Encryption or Backup Encryption

This particular question came up while I was delivering a workshop last week on the new features in SQL Server 2014. Since transparent data encryption has been available since SQL Server 2008, why would I still need the backup encryption feature? For one, transparent data encryption is an Enterprise Edition-only feature whereas backup encryption exists in […]

Regularly Treat Your Databases to a S.P.A.

“Today’s DBAs have responsibilities that go far beyond their traditional role of data custodian.” I was reading the infographic that Idera published about their accidental DBA survey results last week and wasn’t surprised at all by the results. I considered myself an accidental DBA when I was starting out in the industry and can totally […]

TSQL Tuesday #63 – Managing the Managers Of Security

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by Kenneth Fisher (blog | twitter) and the topic is security. Security is a topic that I’m pretty serious about and have decided to join in the conversation. Security is one of those subjects that most DBAs have to deal with regardless of specialty. So, as something we all have […]