Author: Edwin M Sarmiento

>Exchange Server 2003 Remote Wipe/MobileAdmin problem

>When you deploy Windows Mobile on an Exchange environment, one of the things that you may want to configure is remote wipe. This will enable administrators to wipe the device over-the-air. This is very helpful in cases where a Windows Mobile device is lost or stolen and you want to simply protect company-related data like […]

>It’s officially unofficial – DBCC PAGE

>If you search for information about the DBCC PAGE command, the only Microsoft official document you’ll find refers to a SQL Server version older than v7. One blog post I found was from Paul Randall of the SQL Server Storage Engine Team which explains how to use DBCC PAGE in conjunction to using DBCC CHECKDB. […]

Your poor-man’s SQL Server Log Shipping

Transaction Log Shipping is a disaster recovery (sometimes called data recovery) option in SQL Server where you generate transaction log backups in the source database, copy them over to a remote SQL Server instance and restore them in read-only, standby mode. This feature is available in Enterprise Edition for SQL Server 2000 while SQL Server […]

>I wish this was available years back – SQL Server 2005 Always On Technologies Part 2

>One of the most underestimated feature of SQL Server is the FULL RECOVERY model in the database options. Database recovery models determine how much data loss is acceptable in case of a failure and what types of backup and restore functions are allowed. This has been an option which you can trace back from the […]

>I wish this was available years back – SQL Server 2005 Always On Technologies Part 1

>In response to requests made after I did a presentation on TechEd Asia 2007 on SQL Server 2005 Always On Technologies, I’ve made the content available on my blog. In as much as we want to, there are not as many options in SQL Server 2000 to address disaster recovery caused by human errors. And […]