Author: Edwin M Sarmiento

>Spot the difference – SQL Server 2008 TSQL enhancements

>If you’ve had your hands on T-SQL for quite some time, it wouldn’t be hard for you to identify the new enhancements available in SQL Server 2008. Now just for fun, try to identify what’s unusual in this script, from a SQL Server 2000/2005 point-of-view: DECLARE @variable int = 1;SET @variable += 1;CREATE TABLE table1 […]

>Speed up your SQL Server 2005 Books Online

>Microsoft did a very literal translation of the term Books Online with SQL Server 2005. Books Online happens to be the help file for SQL Server. In SQL Server 2005 (and now with SQL Server “Katmai”), Books Online has the capability to go “online” and look for related searches on the Internet, MSDN Online, community […]

>The Pains of Collation Settings

>Collation settings define the physical storage of character strings in SQL Server. It specifies the bit patterns that represent each character and the rules by which characters are sorted and compared. Collation settings have a direct impact on the databases if you configure them to use a different collation other than the default. When you […]

>What? I lost my port on a named instance?Dynamic port detection?

>One thing I realized is that SQL Server port numbers will not be the same for I don’t know what reason. I found this out while rebuilding a SQL Server named instance. We had standard settings in setting up SQL Server. But since I am rebuilding my test environment, I just used the default port […]