Why Goals Need To Be More Specific

Mile Marker 181 on the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway. Near Florence, OR. by Terry MacVey

This blog post  was inspired by a conversation I had with a high school friend. Imagine planning a trip to your vacation getaway. You know that you will need to do the following to get to your destination

  1. Drive about 5 hours
  2. Get your gas tank full and may potentially refill along the way
  3. Check to make sure your coolant tank is full
  4. Pack your stuff in preparation for the long drive

While driving, you definitely need to do the following

  1. Check your speedometer to make sure that you’re not driving too fast not too slow. Driving too fast will get you a ticket. Driving too slow will take you longer to reach your destination
  2. Check your temperature. You want to make sure that your engine does not overheat while you drive
  3. Check your fuel meter. You want to know when it’s time to gas up

It’s amazing how many people put a lot of effort in planning for a trip and have very detailed information. Unfortunately, we don’t do the same thing for our goals. The first month of 2013 has just gone past us and items in our New Year’s resolutions have either been ticked off a checklist or totally forgotten.  If we put more effort into planning, tracking and specifying more details into our goals, I believe that we will be able to achieve more of them. We’ve got the entire year to work on our goals and New Year’s resolutions.  It’s not too late to start.

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