When Your Brain Gets Stuck

No, I’m not talking about autism nor OCD (although most people think I have both.) I’m talking about those times when you’re not in your most creative moments and nothing just seems to get your juice flowing. Some call it a “block,” whether it’s for writers, painters, musicians or sculptors.  It happens to everybody and I call it getting your brain stuck. It happens to me even when I have a pen and paper and I need to create an outline to automate a process.  So, how do I deal with it? I follow Nike’s advice: JUST DO IT.



  • I write when I don’t feel like writing
  • I walk away for a few minutes and come back to continue working
  • I set a deadline to get my job done
  • I find a different place to work
  • I change my posture while working
  • I drink a lot of water (I found out that going to the bathroom often forces me to really get things going so I can finish before my next bathroom break)
  • I stop when it is time to stop

There’s a common theme in my list: they are filled with ACTION words. When my brain gets stuck, I just DO.  And doing something happens with intent, even when it means taking a break. So, when you’re brain gets stuck, just DO something. And be intentional about it.

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3 thoughts on “When Your Brain Gets Stuck

  1. I truly believe you have the mindset for forward thinking and a positive attitude. I intend to follow you blog as it closely relates to my passion and what I teach. I offer free cd’s if you wish to see what I am talking about. They are very powerful and I would love to send them to you along with a book I wrote. Keep this up. It is people like you that can change the world.


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