Watch Out For Tweet-Pick

If you’ve been following my blog, you may have noticed that there has been some inactivity for the past year, primarily because I was toying around the idea of moving to a different blog platform (from Blogger to WordPress) as well as getting a feel of what Twitter is and how to use it.

I’ve only started using Twitter in the middle of 2009 and used it as a platform for sifting thru different ideas and lessons learned, mostly about leadership and practical Christianity. It’s been two years now and I’ve managed to have a number of followers, about 116 as of date. And while business people and marketing professionals will argue that numbers matter in such a platform as social media, gaining thousands of followers has not been my goal when I started. For me, building and having a platform and a message are more important. It’s like telling a story. If the story is worth telling, people will gather around to listen. It doesn’t matter if there is only one or a few people listening, what matters is that those who hear it will be compelled to spread the word. That’s how I saw Twitter play a role in my involvement in social media. In fact, even though a lot of people know me as an expert in the SQL Server community,  I try to stay away from posting anything technical on my Twitter account. I get tempted every once in a while but that’s roughly less than 2% of my total posts.I want my Twitter posts to be focused around leadership lessons and practical Christianity.

Having said that, I’d be sifting thru my Twitter posts from way back 2009 and blow up the mini-lessons contained in them into full blog posts. I’m excited to revisit the ideas that came thru my mind as I was writing those posts. Stay tuned

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