The Problem with Waiting for the Hot Water

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Here’s another one of those things I knew nothing about before moving to North America: showering with hot water. When it’s hot and humid, the last thing I want is to shower with water that’s even hotter than my cup of coffee. That’s why you rarely see hot water heaters installed in showers found in tropical countries. Heck, we like our water cold – except for coffee.

Not so much when you have below freezing temperatures for more than three months in a year. A hot water shower in North America is a necessity.

You turn on the hot water for about a minute or two – sometimes even longer – before you step inside the shower.  You wait. Until the water is hot enough for you to enjoy. And, then, you take a shower.

We do the same thing in life. We wait for the perfect opportunity, the right circumstances, the comfortable conditions.

The good book has something to say about this.

Some people wait until everything is perfect before they make things happen. Other make things happen even when things seem to be imperfect.

Which one are you?

And, BTW, jumping in the shower when the water is cold is not such a bad idea. It gets me in a high energy state. I don’t do it often, though.

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