TSQL Tuesday #77 – Favorite SQL Server Feature: SQL Server Logging

As I was going thru the list of possible laptops that I could buy as a backup machine, my youngest son pointed at the latest Microsoft Surface Pro 4 device. He was very happy with his Surface 3 – great graphics, lightweight, HD webcam, touch screen and a detachable keyboard. As he continued to brag about his […]

When A Log Backup Does Not Truncate Your SQL Server Log Files In An Availability Group

There are only two ways that can truncate your SQL Server log files – a checkpoint process when the database is in simple (or pseudo-simple) recovery model or a log backup when the database is in full or bulk-logged recovery models. In order for log truncation to occur, the virtual log files (VLFs) need to […]

Before You Go Down The Rabbit Hole

Effects of a Full SQL Server Transaction Log, Error 9002 and Why Understanding The Application Matters When Troubleshooting

One of my favorite topics in SQL Server is transaction log internals. When I first got started with SQL Server, I thought all I needed to do with the transaction log was to run regular log backups to make sure they don’t grow unexpectedly. Until I realized that there was more to it than I knew. […]