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Confessions of a Junior SQL Server DBA

– Photo by Milada Vigerova – Wayne was getting ready to meet the director of engineering, the person responsible for hiring him. They spoke briefly over the phone for the scheduled interview. The director happened to be from Romania but spoke very good English that you’ll think he grew up in America. The role: Windows engineer. This […]

Implementing AES For (Job) Security

Back in 2009, a friend of mine asked why we decided to move to Canada despite the 2008 financial crisis that hit North America. To which I replied, “There really is no such thing as a job security. That in itself is a myth.” Now, I don’t want to sound negative here but that statement was […]

Your ATTITUDE Determines Your Altitude

[callout]Our thoughts lead to actions. Our actions lead to habits. Our habits lead to character. Our character develops our future.[/callout] This is the second in a series of blog posts that talk about success. I had the opportunity to ask the registered attendees for SQLSaturday Philippines to vote for a particular topic that they like best. Since […]