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I’ve totally forgotten about this because we did it late last year. SQL Server MVP (VMWare vExpert Awardee, EMC Elect Awardee, etc.) Denny Cherry (blog | Twitter) was kind enough to have me on his podcast. We talked about Windows PowerShell and how it can help SQL Server DBAs maximize their productivity performing tasks that, in some cases, are challenging to do with Transact-SQL.

MrDenny, thanks for the wonderful opportunity to be a part of People Talking Tech.

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4 thoughts on “People Talking Tech with MrDenny

  1. Ayman El-Ghazali

    LOL… Powershell gets you more time to read news papers and for coffee. Nice! No doubt Powershell is important and helps with automating plus not having to RDP onto servers to get specific information that you could get from your own desktop using PS. Thanks for the nice PodCast.

    1. Edwin Sarmiento

      That is courtesy of MrDenny. And, yes, PowerShell needs to be on every IT professional’s toolbelt especially that more and more products are introducing their own PowerShell snapins


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