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I teach about failover clustering for SQL Server – whether it’s Failover Clustered Instances or Availability Groups.

Failover clustering does not have to be confusing nor complicated. It just has to work. And when things we are responsible for don’t work, we get the blame. There’s a reason behind the running joke about the Default Blame Acceptor. People laugh at it when mentioned in a speech or presentation. They don’t when the joke is on them.

This course is an attempt to get you to raise the bar on operational excellence. To try out something you haven’t done before. Or just to build your confidence as you embark on that new project. I personally used the course this week to rebuild my entire lab environment and deploy a multi-data center SQL Server 2016 distributed Availability Group setup.

More details are available here. And since it’s a limited-time registration, you can only sign up for a few more days.

I look forward to having you join in.


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