Get out of your track

I have to admit that I am a self-confessed workaholic. Most of us will probably do what I do – stick to what we have always been doing, thereby creating a habit. While this is a good practice to get ourselves master what we do well, it also hinders our ability to grow in some aspects. Today, I have purposedly just stopped reading work-related emails for half a day and went over and started reading about business and personal development (I haven’t done this for more than a month now as I have been focusing more on SQL Server recently). I used to do this everyday but the demands of both work and career sometimes make us forget that in order for us to really be successful is to make sure we grow. We need to create a habit that will enable us to grow even outside of what we do, realizing the fact that there is life outside of work and career. Getting out of your track will also make you get a better perspective of what is happening outside of your environment.

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