Eliminate SQL Server Migration Pain Webinar with DH2i

Last year, I got introduced to DH2i and DxEnterprise. Since I work with different customers to provide SQL Server high availability and disaster recovery solutions, I’m always trying to find different ways to help meet business objectives while reducing total cost of ownership. I was a bit hesitant at first to try out DxEnterprise since I’ve been working mostly with native Microsoft tools. My stand on implementing solutions is to make sure that they do not fall outside of the vendor’s (in this case, Microsoft’s) supported configuration. It took me a while to try out DxEnterprise in my test lab because I wanted  to understand what it is doing under the covers and relating it back to the basics and fundamentals of how SQL Server works. I’m a big fan of going back to the basics.

Last week, I’ve had the opportunity to do a webinar for DH2i. While I have been testing DxEnterprise as a high availability and disaster recovery solution, I’ve never thought of it as a possible migration tool. So, when they asked me if I wanted to do the webinar, I figured, “why not?” It’s interesting to see a different perspective on how we do what we do. It opens up a lot of ideas as well as opportunities for creativity.

Here’s a recording of the webinar. If you’re interested to know more about DxEnterprise, check out their website at www.dh2i.com.

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