Did I Screw Up?

“Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out.”
Benjamin Franklin

Did I…

  • send my boss on a different flight destination?
  • miscalculate the quarterly budget?
  • lag on my New year`s resolutions?
  • miss a project deadline?
  • fail my final exam?
  • skip on my fitness program?
  • burn the toast?
  • let my kids down?

Don’t feel bad. We all do. I was asked this question last night after delivering my presentation about presentations – “What was your worst presentation ever?” And I told them a story about a presentation I did five years ago on the topic of disaster recovery. The worst part of delivering a disaster recovery presentation is when your presentation itself becomes a disaster and screwing up in front of hundreds of people. I bet you’ll never forget that.

But screwing up is no big deal (it shouldn’t be) – provided that we learn from it. Better yet, admitting to the screw up and committing yourself to improvement. Have you?

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One thought on “Did I Screw Up?

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