How To Fix Your Remote Desktop Connection For Mac

Have you ever wondered why your Remote Desktop Connection on your Mac works well on one system but not on another? I was testing out my connectivity to some of my customers’ network using Remote Desktop Connection on my MacBook Pro. This used to work on one of their environments but now it doesn’t. I […]

Export and Import Hyper-V 3.0 Virtual Machines Using PowerShell

When you run a server operating system in your laptop, there’s a ton of stuff that you need to consider. Today, I spent almost the entire day trying to make sure that all of the drivers work on my DELL┬áLatitude E6520. And since I run the Hyper-V role on my Windows Server 2012 machine, the […]

How To Fix Your Cisco VPN Client on Windows 8/Server 2012

I’ve been waiting for Windows Server 2012 to be released so I can try it out on my test environment. I already have Windows 8 installed on my test workstation but I wasn’t using it that much as compared to my Windows Server machine. I took that plunge last weekend and upgraded my Windows Server […]