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Are you a SQL Server DBA wanting to Learn Windows PowerShell?

I’ve been working on PowerShell for quite some time but mostly for systems administration tasks. Since Microsoft has decided to make PowerShell as a common engineering criteria for all server applications being released, every SQL Server DBA needs to know at least what it is and what they can do with it. This article is […]

Start Windows Services using PowerShell

I start and stop services on my workstation every now and then for testing purposes (well, primarily to stop services I do not use to minimize surface area and free up available resources which are not being used). What I used to do was to run a NET START command listing all the services that […]

One-liner in PowerShell? Convert a 64-bit (Integer8) value to date time

As I was converting my VBScripts to PowerShell, I reviewed one which checks for the password expiration of a user in Active Directory. The blog post I’ve had sometime last year extracts object properties and one of them is the pwdLastSet property which specifies a 64-bit value of when the user last changed their passwords. […]